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Hello! My name is Tom, welcome to TS Personal Training & Nutrition. I have worked with 100's of clients of all different ages, abilities and goals in York and I run my own private home gym and I also do home visits so you can train in the comfort of your own home!

I am a certified Level 3 personal trainer and Level 4 nutritionist. My education of nutrition has come from the Body Type Nutrition academy, learning from some of the best nutritionists and sports scientists in the world. I have come away with a great education on how to coach clients and what they need to do to achieve a healthy lifestyle whatever their goal may be. I have been involved in coaching sports and exercise for the last 10 years so I am very experienced in working with people with all different needs.

I have further qualifications in metabolic conditioning, studio cycling, advanced nutrition strategies, adapting exercises for older adults, studio boxing, emotional intelligence training and coaching disabled children in sport.


The TS core values are to:

  1. Incorporate better lifestyle habits with healthy and manageable diet adaptations.

  2. Build a strong core with exercises to develop strength and mobility throughout the full body and heart.

  3. Develop self-confidence through building a stronger mind set.


Getting fitter, stronger, faster, more mobile and creating a healthier diet is great and is something everybody should look to achieve however at TS Personal Training & Nutrition I focus on creating a stronger mind set and building self-confidence as it is equally as important.

So joining me on your fitness journey you will not only develop your fitness and health but you will develop your mind as well, all helping to create a better version of you.

If you are looking for a reliable person to coach you through your journey please take a look through a few of my successful client stories and see my 100% 5 star Google reviews and join TS Personal Training & Nutrition for a healthier, better you.


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