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Sep 30, 2017

Weight Loss: Rule 1


Edited: Oct 3, 2017

Rule number 1 when aiming to lose wieght: Simply, you need to be in a calorie deficit, this means that if you are consuming more calories than you are expending in a day then weight loss cannot be achieved. There are a number of different ways to approach this, some are more specific than others but it all depends on how you as a person can adhere to a system long term. If you find a certain diet plan and you start to lose weight then great, continue to follow it until you are happy or weight loss starts to plateau, in some cases it might be a bit of trial and error. If you want to be more specific then start tracking your food, you will need to find your calorie baseline and start eating under this number. My 6 month plan and tracking sytem will work this out for you. Losing weight doesn't always mean you are burning fat however, there are many different factors that come into the equation that can all be addressed in The Plan.

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