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Hello! I’m Tom and I’m the owner of TS Personal Training & Nutrition. I’ve worked with 100's of clients of all different ages, abilities and goals in York achieving top class results.


As well as a certified personal trainer I am a Level 4 nutritionist. My education of nutrition has come from the Body Type Nutrition academy, learning from some of the best nutritionists and sports scientists in the world. I have been involved in coaching sports and exercise for the last 10 years so I am very experienced in working with people with all different needs.


I have recently designed a brand new studio that is unique to York, offering completely private training in a spacious area with brand new top of the range equipment. Trust me, you won’t find a studio with this level of privacy & space anywhere else in York centre.


I’m not here to put you on some BS marketing plan, trying to get you tracking your full life making it complicated and difficult which leaves you overwhelmed and wanting to give up…


I’m here to get you doing the basics right…Drinking more water, controlling calories, sleeping better, moving more & living a happier life!


In my experience generally, the majority of my clients have a huge success just by focusing on the basics and creating a better lifestyle with consistency. Don’t get me wrong, there are individual circumstances that need to be looked at in more detail and that’s what we as coaches are here for. To listen to your problems and work with you to create solutions.


We want to create an environment for you to feel comfortable and to thrive in. We want you to look forward to coming to our friendly studio so you can create a solid routine in your lifestyle which will be a key to your success towards your goals.


We don’t offer flash pressurised ‘sign up in the next 60 minutes and receive a discount’ type deals because we pride ourselves on the service we give and the results we get. We feel our 100% 5 star Google reviews speak for themselves on this.


We stand by what we offer and what we do to get the best out of you and we have found from experience this is much more valuable than jumping on the next short term fix, as this will set you up for the rest of your life!


With every client that comes to us we focus on 3 main areas:


  1. Building a better physical body with increased strength & mobility, less aches & pains and a body you feel comfortable & happy with.

  2. Improving your inner health through healthy and manageable diet adaptations, creating a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

  3. Developing a stronger mindset by increasing your self esteem & confidence.


Getting fitter, stronger, faster, more mobile and creating a healthier diet is great and is something everybody should look to achieve however at TS Personal Training & Nutrition we focus on creating a stronger mind set and building self-confidence as it is equally as important.


So by joining us on your fitness journey you will not only develop your fitness and health but you will develop your mind as well, all helping to create a better version of you.


If you are looking for reliable coaches to take you through your journey please take a look through a few of our successful client stories and see our 100% 5 star Google reviews and join TS Personal Training & Nutrition for a healthier, better you.


Meet Ryan!

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge studying Sports & Exercise Science at Northumbria University. His knowledge ranges from the psychology of sport, nutritional strategies and strength & conditioning. Ryan has been working with a range of different clients from University students to elderly clients and everybody in between! He has achieved some really amazing results and had excellent feedback from our clients in his time here so far. Read on to see what he has to say and take a look at some of his amazing reviews!


Why I became a Personal Trainer 💭

As a personal trainer, job and exercise are intertwined. There are plenty of possibilities for me to focus on my own well-being. As a result, I'm part of a small percentage of the population that can balance job and exercise. Being a PT enables me to make a positive difference in people's lives. My goal is to change people's perspectives on living a healthy lifestyle, starting from the inside out.


I like seeing people achieve goals, helping people feel more self confident with how they look and feel. I also enjoy a range of different health and fitness aspects such as nutrition and strength & conditioning. I discovered a love for health and wellbeing that I didn’t know I had, I want to help and inspire others in the way that I was. Being a personal trainer gives me a chance to make positive changes in people’s lives.”


My health & fitness experience 💭

“Working as a gym instructor for several years whilst I have studied Sports & Exercise Science at Northumbria University covering nutrition, physiology, psychology and strength & conditioning. My education has given me knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body work in relation to health and fitness, and how they both benefit from a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.

Through my time at TS Personal Training & Nutrition I have worked with a number of different clients varying from older adults to University students helping them achieve some amazing goals such as strength and conditioning to rehabilitation and work towards an overall healthier lifestyle change. Through this I have educated clients on preventative care and nutrition aiding them to create a positive change when approaching diets."


Spare time interests 💭

“I enjoy playing football and going to the gym in my spare time! I also enjoy socialising with friends and family, going out for food and drinks, trying new places and different activities. Love going on dog walks, when free I like chilling out at home watching movies and TV shows.”


Meet Rachel!

Rachel is our fantastic Personal Trainer here and has some amazing experience in the industry over the past 7 years. She has a great passion for Yoga, Meditation & Breath-work and specifically works with females to help gain confidence in body image, improve movement and strength to overall feel happier within their body and mind.

Read a little more on what she has to say!…


Why I became a Personal Trainer 💭


Exercise has been a huge part of my life since a small child, growing up as a dancer I always had a passion for movement and the expression that drives our bodies physical and emotional needs. I also love learning new ways that the body moves and what it needs from a nutritional, emotional and spiritual side as we grow and develop as human beings in our lifetime and what barriers may come around which may influence the way that we function day to day from sleep and stress. 


My passion for Personal Training is guiding clients through an understanding of how we can adapt to a healthy lifestyle by becoming more in tune with our bodies needs, with optimal recovery along side good nutrition, movement, rest and reflection, its about finding the individual balance that works just for you.

I foremost know what it feels like when life gets a little too overwhelming, and by having someone by your side on your journey it can help guide you to a happier and healthier place both inside and out. I just love the feeling of helping others achieve their goals and to see them grow as a person both physically and mentally is very rewarding

My health & fitness experience 💭


I have now been in the fitness industry for 7 years, working with a range of clients of all ages from here in the UK, Australia and Egypt. I personally enjoy mountain biking, running, hiking, yoga and strength based movement exercises which can help develop a good foundation to enhance our daily movements so we can accomplish more in our day to day life, such as feeling stronger and moving better so everyday feels a little easier than the one before!


Alongside Personal Training, I also have a huge love for Yoga, Meditation and Breath-work, where I am really passionate about teaching others the benefit of breath-work techniques alongside mindfulness meditation which can optimise our recovery and emotional needs. This integrated approach to health gives us the overall package which I believe can lead us to a sustainable healthy lifestyle with the ability to adapt and reflect when our body and mind need to grow and change.


My experience has guided me to working specifically with females who want to gain confidence in body image, improve movement and strength and enhance their lifestyle with small daily habits which will help them to overall feel happier within their body and mind.

Spare time interests 💭


In my spare time you'll find me adventuring in new places (most likely the Lake District or North Wales!), climbing mountains, cycling and paddle boarding! I also love to explore the coast and try out new coffee shops and breakfast places! I have an upcoming challenge this July to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support which is a 24 mile hike around Gowers Peninsula in Wales, and every year try and set a big challenge which will push me out of my comfort zone.. I also love to read and listen to podcasts in my spare time as I always love to learn new things.


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