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Hello! I’m Tom and I’m the owner of TS Personal Training & Nutrition. I’ve worked with 100's of clients of all different ages, abilities and goals in York achieving top class results.


As well as a certified personal trainer I am a Level 4 nutritionist. My education of nutrition has come from the Body Type Nutrition academy, learning from some of the best nutritionists and sports scientists in the world. I have been involved in coaching sports and exercise for the last 10 years so I am very experienced in working with people with all different needs.


I have recently designed a brand new studio that is unique to York, offering completely private training in a spacious area with brand new top of the range equipment. Trust me, you won’t find a studio with this level of privacy & space anywhere else in York centre.


I’m not here to put you on some BS marketing plan, trying to get you tracking your full life making it complicated and difficult which leaves you overwhelmed and wanting to give up…


I’m here to get you doing the basics right…Drinking more water, controlling calories, sleeping better, moving more & living a happier life!


In my experience generally, the majority of my clients have a huge success just by focusing on the basics and creating a better lifestyle with consistency. Don’t get me wrong, there are individual circumstances that need to be looked at in more detail and that’s what we as coaches are here for. To listen to your problems and work with you to create solutions.


We want to create an environment for you to feel comfortable and to thrive in. We want you to look forward to coming to our friendly studio so you can create a solid routine in your lifestyle which will be a key to your success towards your goals.


We don’t offer flash sales or pressurised ‘sign up in the next 60 minutes and receive a discount’ type deals because we pride ourselves on the service we give and the results we get. We feel our 100% 5 star Google reviews speak for themselves on this.


We stand by what we offer and what we do to get the best out of you and we have found from experience this is much more valuable than jumping on the next short term fix, as this will set you up for the rest of your life!


With every client that comes to us we focus on 3 main areas:


  1. Building a better physical body with increased strength & mobility, less aches & pains and a body you feel comfortable & happy with.

  2. Improving your inner health through healthy and manageable diet adaptations, creating a better and more sustainable lifestyle.

  3. Developing a stronger mindset by increasing your self esteem & confidence.


Getting fitter, stronger, faster, more mobile and creating a healthier diet is great and is something everybody should look to achieve however at TS Personal Training & Nutrition we focus on creating a stronger mind set and building self-confidence as it is equally as important.


So by joining us on your fitness journey you will not only develop your fitness and health but you will develop your mind as well, all helping to create a better version of you.


If you are looking for reliable coaches to take you through your journey please take a look through a few of our successful client stories and see our 100% 5 star Google reviews and join TS Personal Training & Nutrition for a healthier, better you.


Working with the NHS!


Meet Hayley!


Hayley is our occupational therapist/personal trainer, she's worked as an occupational therapist for the last 6 years helping people improve their well being. This is what she has to say...

Why I became a Personal Trainer 💭

"Exercise is one of the most important things in my life. Over time my relationship with exercise has changed, I now move to feel the best version of myself and I want you to be able to experience this too. I am passionate about encouraging a positive relationship with exercise, food and body image. I first-hand know how hard it can be to lose weight, or struggle with body confidence. It can be hard to find or maintain motivation, life can be busy, but I want to help you hit your goals, feel fitter, stronger and more energised."

My health & fitness experience 💭

"Fitness has been a big part of my life for as long as I can remember. I swam competitively for many years before starting my journey in the gym around 10 years ago. I enjoy many aspects of fitness, from running, to swimming, spinning, weight training, hot yoga and HIIT classes. Alongside personal training I work as a mental health Occupational Therapist in the NHS, this has been my role for the last 6 years. I understand how motivation and confidence can affect people and my focus is helping people to improve their well-being and achieve a better life balance. I love helping clients make healthier choices, showing them nutritious and tasty meals and supporting them to try something new. Occupational Therapists and personal trainers overcome barriers to make the impossible, possible."

Spare time interests 💭

"Over the last 2 years (through many lockdowns) I have taken to running (who hasn’t?). I completed my first ½ marathon this summer along with some trail runs. I’m not sure that I love running yet, but I enjoy how I feel afterwards. I do however love being outdoors in nature, at the weekends I try and get out for a long walk or mountain climb with the dog. Food is also VERY important to me, I love eating food, making food and thinking about food! Particularly with a glass of wine in hand. It’s all

about balance right?"


Meet Ryan!

Ryan has a wealth of knowledge studying Sports & Exercise Science at Northumbria University. His knowledge ranges from the psychology of sport, nutritional strategies and strength & conditioning


Why I became a Personal Trainer 💭

“I like seeing people achieve goals, helping people feel more self confident with how they look and feel. I also enjoy a range of different health and fitness aspects such as nutrition and strength & conditioning. I discovered a love for health and wellbeing that I didn’t know I had, I want to help and inspire others in the way that I was. Being a personal trainer gives me a chance to make positive changes in people’s lives.”


My health & fitness experience 💭

“Working as a gym instructor for several years whilst I have studied Sports & Exercise Science at Northumbria University covering nutrition, physiology, psychology and strength & conditioning. My education has given me knowledge and understanding of how the mind and body work in relation to health and fitness, and how they both benefit from a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.


Spare time interests 💭

“I enjoy playing football and going to the gym in my spare time!”


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