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Are you looking for a dedicated personal trainer by your side to help you maximise your efforts in the gym and teach you the correct way to perform exercises?

Our studio is split into 3 completely private training zones when our one to one personal training sessions are in operation.

You will get your own trainer throughout your journey who will support you and encourage you to achieve everything you want and more.

Upon your consultation we can discuss how many sessions weekly you would like to commit to in order to achieving your goals.

We have monthly membership options or discounts for paying in full for a programme.

Then once we clear availability we can get you going with your coach right away.

Unlike many mainstream gyms, our studio is perfect for a private feel if you are really looking for total one to one support and dedication with one of our coaches.

No waiting for equipment, no worry of anybody else watching. Just you and your coach in your private zone.



Thanks for your application. We will be in touch soon!

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