The favourite part of our jobs is success. The many people we have worked with over our careers that have told us their lives have been changed is the greatest satisfaction for us

We have well over 100 five star Google reviews which you can find on our Google page. Please listen to the testimonials below, see the real life results and read the honest reviews of some of our many clients we have helped over the years...


















Here are just a few of our successful client stories over the years. Some amazing transformations and fat loss stories. Always remember though that success is not always determined on what the scales say. You will see so many more benefits to your life such as, increased energy levels, more productivity, better self esteem, improved brain functions, healthier skin, lowered risk of chronic illnesses and diseases... The list goes on!

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Not only do we work with clients looking to get fitter and healthier but we also specialise in adapting exercise for older adults (65+). We have lots of experience working with older adults right up to the age of 87!

These clients have all experienced better strength and mobility to help with day to day tasks and also creating a better and more comfortable longevity to life.

Some have expressed that our help has literally saved their lives when coming into their later years which is always the best part of our jobs!

"Ryan has really helped me get nearer to my goal, I feel like I'm improving every week. The workouts he plans are varied and clearly well researched for my specific goals. He is always very motivating, getting me to do much more than I would on my own!
Both Tom and Ryan are easy to communicate with and make arranging sessions easy.
Happy with my investment! Thanks! :)

Karri Gibson.

"Had an amazing first HIIT class at TS Personal Training and Nutrition. Tom’s new studio is a great place to work out, it’s so welcoming and engaging - I left feeling motivated and energised. The choice of equipment this place has to offer is brilliant, there really is something for everyone here.
Hayley who trained us in the class was brilliant and so lovely. Herself and Tom are so knowledgeable, professional and passionate about what they do, you can tell they really care about helping others achieve their goals towards a healthier lifestyle and how to enjoy the journey of adapting to make these positive lifestyle changes. Myself and my friends had so much fun at the group class whilst also being challenged by a range of exercises.
Thank you so much Tom and Hayley, I can’t wait for my next class. Would highly recommend TS Personal Training and Nutrition to anyone

Georgia Dixon.

"I attended the first Disco HIIT class at TS Personal Training & Nutrition and I will definitely be returning for more!
The class was led by Hayley who was really knowledgeable and motivating. She pushed us to work really hard, whilst still having so much fun at the same time.
Toms classes and Personal Training are brilliant and he is now at his new facilities which he has worked really hard for and is well deserved! The space is bright and airy and there is a vast variety of top end equipment to work out on.
One of the things Tom is best at is tailoring the workout experience to every individuals needs which I think is really important, as no one person is the same.
I highly recommend TS Personal Training & Nutrition. Thank you for pushing me to be the best I can be!

Ilana Weets.

"I always have personal trainer in the recent 10 years but TS gym definitely takes personal training to a different level! I am very impressed by its result oriented approach and that drives a very goal specific training programme. Three months ago, I had all sorts of injuries and problems that a runner could have . When I started with Hayley, I had a 90% recovered broken knee, a sprained ankle and a weak upper body, and now I feel reborn! With a very thorough strengthening work plan, I am much stronger and I am back to running."

Vivien Chan.

"Tom is an inspiring PT. He has patiently encouraged my husband, who is in his 80’s, to walk outdoors. Tom has also given him confidence to do exercises we would not have imagined possible. Tom is always prompt, polite and patient."

Marilyn Fricker.

"Having tried numerous gyms and feeling uncomfortable and disliking the experience and never actually seeing results I decided to try a 6 month membership with Tom, who is brilliant, I have lost a considerable amount of weight but also feel happier, fitter and stronger. I really enjoy the sessions as they are always different and fun, I have finally learnt to enjoy exercise. Tom checks on my diet and sends me workouts to do at home and is always on hand for advice and tips when I need it, he has given me the motivation and accountability that I needed. I cannot recommend Tom enough, its such a great/fun atmosphere to train in and everyone who goes seems to get great results! I love it so much that I have decided to extend my contract for another 6 months."

Jennifer Elliot.

"I've been training twice a week for the last year and just have to leave a five star review for my trainer, Tom Storr! I have trained with Tom since August 2017, and he's been wonderful throughout. Tom has tailored my sessions to my needs (I have a shoulder injury so exercises needed adapting a little) and he has been flexible to my frequently changing schedule. He's been supportive and motivating and has given me tips on nutrition and additional exercises to do at home or when away with work. My workouts have been varied from boxing to weights to cardio challenges - keeping things interesting. I've improved my health, strength and fitness with Tom, as well as just generally having a laugh and some good chats! It's been great to have a friendly trainer who really pushes me when I need it. I couldn't recommend Tom more."

Natalie Smith.

"Tom is so positive and welcoming! He is great at keeping you motivated and every workout is different. It’s exciting to see improvements each week and I cannot wait to see where my progress will be in a few months’ time! I’d highly recommend!"

Harry Phillips