My favourite part of my job is success. The many people I have worked with over my career that have told me their lives have been changed is the greatest satisfaction.

Truthfully, I have given these clients all the tools they need to succeed and at times it's not been easy. However, the people that succeed are the ones that put the effort in right from the beginning and they are now the ones that are fully enjoying life and enjoying living a balanced healthy life! You could be that person in a matter of months through enjoyable healthy eating and good exercise.







Here are just a few of my successful client stories over the years. Some amazing transformations and fat loss stories. Always remember though that success is not always determined on what the scales say. You will see so many more benefits to your life such as, increased energy levels, more productivity, better self esteem, improved brain functions, healthier skin, lowered risk of chronic illnesses and diseases... The list goes on!

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Not only do I work with clients looking to get fitter and healthier but I also specialise in adapting exercise for older adults (65+). I have lots of experience working with older adults right up to the age of 86!

These clients have all experienced better strength and mobility to help with day to day tasks and also creating a better and more comfortable longevity to life.

Some have expressed that my help has literally saved their lives when coming into their later years which is always the best part of my job!

"I work once a week with Tom who pushes me and ensures I continue to be motivated and can be contacted throughout the week if I'm in need of any advice with eating or home exercise; he is also understanding when something comes up and I can't make my session for whatever reason (which with uni and living away from home is sometimes unavoidable!). For me, it's definitely worth what I'm paying." Steff McGurk.

"Tom is an inspiring PT. He has patiently encouraged my husband, who is in his 80’s, to walk outdoors. Tom has also given him confidence to do exercises we would not have imagined possible. Tom is always prompt, polite and patient." Marilyn Fricker.

"Thank you Tom for motivating me and making the sessions so enjoyable, I actually look forward to training because I feel so good afterwards. You have judged the exercises and my ability perfectly and I can't praise you enough. I am fitter and, stronger and more flexible which has helped so much with daily life thank you for your patience and and support." Karen Bergdahl.

"Tom is helping me recover from an operation and the fact that he comes to my home and we are gently progressing is a real benefit to me. He is always friendly and reliable. He’s easy to chat to and is always motivating." Liz Casling.

"The support from Tom has been amazing. I love how training is completely tailored to me as an individual, and I am always given encouragement to achieve the goals I set for myself. Even if I’m having a bad day, there is no judgement and the sessions help to combat loss of motivation. The small nature of the gym means that I can really focus on my workout, as before I was always felt intimidated and out of place in regular gyms. I would highly recommend this service!." Jess Armes.

"I've been training twice a week for the last year and just have to leave a five star review for my trainer, Tom Storr! I have trained with Tom since August 2017, and he's been wonderful throughout. Tom has tailored my sessions to my needs (I have a shoulder injury so exercises needed adapting a little) and he has been flexible to my frequently changing schedule. He's been supportive and motivating and has given me tips on nutrition and additional exercises to do at home or when away with work. My workouts have been varied from boxing to weights to cardio challenges - keeping things interesting. I've improved my health, strength and fitness with Tom, as well as just generally having a laugh and some good chats! It's been great to have a friendly trainer who really pushes me when I need it. I couldn't recommend Tom more." Natalie Smith.

"Having tried numerous gyms and feeling uncomfortable and disliking the experience and never actually seeing results I decided to try a 6 month membership with Tom, who is brilliant, I have lost a considerable amount of weight but also feel happier, fitter and stronger. I really enjoy the sessions as they are always different and fun, I have finally learnt to enjoy exercise. Tom checks on my diet and sends me workouts to do at home and is always on hand for advice and tips when I need it, he has given me the motivation and accountability that I needed. I cannot recommend Tom enough, its such a great/fun atmosphere to train in and everyone who goes seems to get great results! I love it so much that I have decided to extend my contract for another 6 months." Jennifer Elliot.

"Absolutely loved my time so far, I couldn’t do it without Tom Storr - Can’t recommend him enough... Always giving me the confidence to push my self further and actually cares about my goals!!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else, so glad I plucked up the courage to start doing this." Angie Yilmaz.