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Located in York City Centre

Our gym is a completely private, relaxed place for you to feel fully comfortable when training

Our personal trainers are friendly, welcoming and knowledgable to get you the best results possible.

No waiting, nobody else watching, just you and your coach in a safe place focused fully on yourself

We have created a friendly and welcoming environment so you can feel completely confident at all times

Why would you need a personal trainer?

  • You might struggle to find motivation and the ability to push yourself to enable you to progress in your health and fitness goals.

  • You might not know what to do and need expert guidance on how exactly to perform correct exercises, adapt and progress your training.

  • You could benefit from a weekly routine where you see a trainer that helps to give you a structure in your life by seeing them weekly.

  • You might not like the atmosphere of a big commercial gym with everybody else watching you or not being able to get on certain equipment.

  • You might not know how to approach your diet and need expert nutrition coaching to get you towards your goals.

Why come to TS Personal Training & Nutrition?

This is York city centre's ONLY completely private training area where you will not have the fear of other people watching you and feeling intimidated.

We set our standards so high to get YOU the results YOU deserve.

Getting a personal trainer is a sure fire way to get you massive results. You could spend a whole year in the gym by yourself not quite knowing what to do and making little to no progress. Whereas if you spend 3 months with us you will learn more and make more progress than you would by yourself for years.

Imagine saving all that time?!

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